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6/14/2019 2:00 PM
Excellence rewarded at Groupe PSA’s 2019 Supplier Awards


Excellence rewarded at Groupe PSA's 2019 Supplier Awards

  • The awards are an opportunity to reaffirm the important role supplier relations have played in the success of the Push to Pass strategic plan
  • 15 suppliers have been rewarded for their commitment and their excellence in meeting the expectations of Groupe PSA
  • The two new "Quality First" and "Special President Award" awards recognise the highest performing suppliers in terms of the quality of their response to Groupe PSA's transformation requirements and their ability to offer innovative, breakthrough solutions

 In 2019, Groupe PSA recognised the excellence of its suppliers' performance in seven categories:

"Programme Management Award"

NOVARES received this award in recognition of its performance in terms of the quality of deliverables, on-time delivery, cost control, project management, success of launches and technical expertise.

"Indirect Material Machinery and Equipment Award"

SGTM and IMA won this award, which honours their performance in terms of service and quality, cost, on-time delivery and responsiveness.

"Aftermarket Performance Award"

MAT HOLDING and LEOCH were rewarded for their exceptional performance in terms of quality, service and cost savings in the areas of original and multi-brand spare parts.

"Competitiveness Award"

HOWA TRAMICO, MINTH and YAZAKI received this award, which recognises their exceptional cost-savings performance (sales, processes, techniques, logistics, etc.) and their 2019 proposals for a cost-reduction portfolio in line with Groupe PSA targets.

"Quality First Award"

PLASTIQUES DU VAL DE LOIRE, KIRCHHOFF and ADIENT were honoured for their achievements and commitment in terms of industrial development and production while meeting Groupe PSA's quality requirements.

"Corporate Social Responsibility Award"

ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES and CONSTELLIUM were rewarded for their remarkable measures based on four criteria: environmental performance, social performance, ethics, and control of the subcontracting chain. Performance was assessed by an external firm commissioned by Groupe PSA using a questionnaire based on international sustainable development standards.

The "Special President Award" went to FLEX-N-GATE and CENTTHOR for their commitment and ability to offer innovative, breakthrough solutions, overcome challenges and anticipate changes with a view to continuous improvement.

In his closing remarks, Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Groupe PSA Managing Board, stressed Groupe PSA's high expectations for its partners in terms of quality, cost and on-time delivery, which would enable all sides to meet, together, the challenges facing the automotive industry.

In 2018, Groupe PSA purchasing represented a total of €42 billion, of which more than €30 billion for direct parts and components which, on average, account for over 75% of a vehicle's production cost. The Group works with a panel of more than 8,000 suppliers and encourages local sourcing in all of its production sites. French automobile production plants purchase around 50% of their supplies in France and 87% in Europe.

 Photos: Supplier Awards 2019

Press release

2/26/2019 12:00 PM
Groupe PSA renforcera la dynamique de son plan stratégique Push to Pass pour la deuxième phase 2019 – 2021

  • Le Groupe PSA est maintenant durablement performant, porté par les résultats d’une dynamique d’efficience, au meilleur niveau de l’industrie automobile mondiale, associés à sa capacité à saisir les opportunités telle que l’acquisition d’Opel.
  • La création récurrente de valeur supporte les investissements destinés à préparer l’entreprise aux enjeux de l’industrie automobile de demain comme la transition énergétique.
  • Les progrès continus en matière de qualité produit et service renforcent la satisfaction de nos clients sur un périmètre géographique et d’activités élargi, incluant des relais de croissance comme le véhicule d’occasion, les pièces de rechanges ou les nouvelles mobilités.
  • Fort du succès de la première étape de son plan Push to Pass, Groupe PSA poursuit sa feuille de route en s’appuyant sur une valeur cardinale, celle de l’agilité.

[voir le communiqué de presse

2/26/2019 11:00 AM
For the second phase 2019-2021


  • Groupe PSA is now sustainably competitive, driven by the results of an efficiency drive that has aligned it with the best levels in the global automotive industry, combined with an ability to seize opportunities such as the Opel acquisition.
  • Recurring value creation is supporting investments geared towards preparing the company for tomorrow’s auto industry challenges, including the energy transition.
  • Continuous improvement in product and service quality is fostering greater satisfaction among our customers on a broader geographical scope and across a larger range of businesses, including growth drivers such as used vehicles, spare parts and new forms of mobility.
  • Building on the success of the first phase of its Push to Pass plan, Groupe PSA plans to continue following its roadmap, guided by one cardinal value – agility.

[press release]


2/26/2019 10:00 AM
Record level in revenue, volume of sales, recurring operating income and net result

    6.8% increase of Group sales at 3.88 million vehicles
  • 18.9% Group revenue growth at €74 billion
  • 8.4% PCD Automotive division recurring operating margin
  • 4.7% OV Automotive division recurring operating margin
  • 7.7% Group recurring operating margin, at €5.689 billion
  • 40.4% increase of Net result at €3.295 billion
  • €3.501 billion Group free cash flow of which €1.357 billion for OV
  • Carlos Tavares, Chairman of Groupe PSA Managing Board said: ‘Peugeot Citroën DS has made significant progress for the 5th year in a row and is closing the first phase of the Push to Pass strategic plan with outstanding results. This demonstrates the ability of our Group to deliver a profitable and recurring growth. Opel Vauxhall has laid the foundations for a sustainable future with PACE! Plan and are eager to unleash further potential. We are now entering in the second phase of the Push to Pass plan with confidence in a context of even stronger headwinds. No doubt that our agile, customer focused and socially responsible approach will make the difference.’

    [see the press release]

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