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55en-US6Changing your password...

When you enter you B2B login and password to connect to the B2B Portal, a cookie is generated which is then used as a "passport" throughout your session on the B2B Portal, especially for accessing applications without the need to authenticate yourself again.

When your password is expired, you are redirected towards the Passweb application (to change your password), without entering in the private B2B Portal, but the cookie is anyway generated, and contents your expired password. This cookie will be no longer valid as soon as you confirm your new password, and if he is not deleted, your future access to the B2B Portal may be affected: since the "passport" presented is no longer valid, the security systems may block your account.

Important: if you just close the browsing tab, your browser will retain the authentication information, which means the next time you try to connect to the GROUPE STELLANTIS B2B Portal, the website will use the authentication information which you entered previously.

Entering the old password will be considered as identity theft and result in the account being blocked immediately.

In order to avoid this from happening, it is crucial to leave the B2B Portal and to close completely your Internet browser, when you change your password, so that the "B2B Portal" cookie is deleted from your browsing history.

58en-US6Changing your password...

The B2B Portal now uses Passweb application to change password

Read the Passweb guide

REMINDER : it is crucial to leave the B2B Portal and to close completely your Internet browser, when you change your password, so that the "B2B Portal" cookie is deleted from your browsing history.

61en-US6Changing your password...

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To take full advantage of all the B2B Portal's features, you will find a list of web-browser versions supported by our website below:

EdgeMozilla FirefoxSafari

Last version published

Last version publishedLast version published


Internet Explorer :  Some functionalities of our site and applications may be inactive with this version of IE.

Google Chrome : This browser is INCOMPATIBLE with our site B2B Portal.

CAUTION: The applications may have different recommendations or compatibilities browsers: have a look on application's (available in private B2B area) card to verify this information.

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68en-US1General training to use the B2B Portal

​To access the training: click here

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Access to the B2B Portal can only be opened for companies referenced by GROUPE STELLANTIS, and whose COFOR (supplier code) is active in the Suppliers Database

  • A company present in the STELLANTIS Suppliers Database is referenced when it has been selected as a potential supplier. The company has been assigned a COFOR (GROUPE STELLANTIS internal supplier code), which has been forwarded by the Purchasing Department

  • A COFOR is active in the GROUPE STELLANTIS Suppliers Database if the company that has been assigned the code still exists as a legal entity.

If these 2 prerequisites are met, the following process is used to open access to the B2B Portal:

  1. Request for access to the GROUPE STELLANTIS Information Systems for the company

    For companies that have an active COFOR but no B2B access, the B2B Portal webservice provides a form in which the person making the request must enter the name and contact details of the company's Legal Representative and a PLSA (B2B Administrator).

  2. GROUPE STELLANTIS sends an e-mail addressed in name to the company's Legal Representative

    The e-mail contains authentication parameters (user name, password, link) to enable the Legal representative to accept the B2B Portal General Terms of Use on behalf of the company.

  3. Online acceptance of the General Terms of Use and confirmation of the PLSA

    The Legal representative must login using the authentication parameters, accept the General Terms of Use, and confirm the identity of the PLSA using the information contained in the e-mail.

  4. Opening of access for the company and creation or updating of the PLSA B2B login

    Confirmation is sent by e-mail to the Legal Representative and the PLSA.​


Your company has been referenced by GROUPE STELLANTIS and you need to access the private area on the B2B Portal. This service is made for you!

Based on your company's COFOR, this service will check which stage your company is at in the process. It will tell you what to do to move forward in the process, if it is not complete, or, if all the prerequisites have been verified, it will enable you to contact your company's PLSA directly, in order to request the creation of a personal login.

The only information required to use this service is your company's COFOR (6 characters)

The service will check the following information:

  1. Does the COFOR entered exist?
  2. Is the COFOR entered active?
  3. Have we received and processed a request for access to the B2B Portal for this COFOR?
  4. Have the B2B Portal General Terms of Use been accepted for this COFOR?
  5. Is the access operational?
  6. Has a PLSA (B2B Administrator) been designated for this COFOR?
For each stage: if the answer is YES, the service will check the next point; if the answer is NO, you will be informed what you must do and/or who you must contact to continue the process. In this way, you obtain a response according to your situation, and you immediately obtain the information required to move forward.
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Analysis of Default Modes, their effects, and their Critical Point. (Analyse des Modes de Défaillance, de leurs Effets, de leur Criticité)


Associacion Española de Fabricantes de Automoviles y Camiones (Spanish equivalent of GALIA ).


Assurance Qualité Fournisseur (Supplier Quality Insurance) . Monitoring tool for the GROUPE STELLANTIS Supplier relationship. The AQF's objective is to contribute to the vehicles' quality control by receiving, from Suppliers, only good parts.



Business To Business. Management of the communication techniques and electronic tools used by a firm in its Suppliers and Partners relationships.

B2B Portal Application

Information system which :

  • Has one or several functionalities
  • Is dedicated to a function's realisation
  • Is self-sufficient

Car maker partner

Independent car maker with which GROUPE STELLANTIS shares in a specific and durable way the development of the production of automobile components or bases of vehicles for which the effect of size is important. (Renault Fiat, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mitsubishi)


Completely Knocked Down, vehicle as separated specific parts.


Comité de Liaison des Fournisseurs de l'Automobile. Automotive Suppliers Communication Committee


COde FOuRnisseur, generated by the Supplier Database of GROUPE STELLANTIS and corresponding to a parent company.


Compensation market - barter - : consists of buying parts, components, objects, etc… in a country according to a reglementary rate (variable by country) in order to compensate the sales of new cars in this country.


Constat Qualité Prestations Simplifié. (Simplified Supply Quality Findings.) These quality scorings are used for the maintenance and equipment suppliers


Digital Mock-up

The Digital Mock-up privileges the simultaneous engineering by giving synthetic information and facilitating the Co-design works between the different people involved in the project.



Set of the Internet applications in the firm's main functions.


Electronic Data Interchange. private exchanges of documents (orders, invoices…) by electronic means, from computer to computer. There is a web version, webEDI working on the same principle.

Electronic Marketplaces

Virtual meeting place for Suppliers and Customers. These marketplaces are defined by specific rules and infrastructures.


European Network eXchange. European communication net designed for the automotive industry, aiming at reducing production costs and the time for designing new models and introducing them on the market.


Set of technologies enabling a Firm to automate its supply chain and to place orders at its Suppliers via Internet. At GROUPE STELLANTIS's it results in the deployment of the following tools :
Purchases made on-line thanks to the Internet. They are :

  • On-line auctions

  • On-line RFQ

  • On-line catalogs

  • Purchasing from catalogs

Extended Enterprise

Working perimeter including the operators linked to GROUPE STELLANTIS.



Fédération des Industries Electriques, Electroniques et de Communication. Electrics, Electronics and Communication Industries Federation.


Fédération des industries des équipements pour véhicules.Vehicle equipment Industries Federation.It gathers firms, international groups and small and medium businesses that develop and trade accessories, systems and modules for vehicles' equipment..


Fédération des Industries Mécaniques. Mechanics Industries Federation.



Groupement pour l'Amélioration des Liaisons dans l'Industrie Automobile - the Group for Automotive Industry Link Improvement. Galia is an organization for standardization of exchanges of goods and information created by the French automotive industry in 1984.


Groupement Plasturgie de l'Automobile. Automotive Plastic Industry Group.


Industrial Partner

Partner that assembles vehicles locally from specific parts delivered by GROUPE STELLANTIS as CKD (Completely Knock-Down) or SP (Separate Parts), by "lots" or "single pieces" and from parts and sub-assembled parts manufactured or bought locally. Under design terms they only provide for the local optimization and integration necessary functions (increasing the number of parts supplied by local companies): IKC, PAN, KARSAN, SOMACA, etc.


Automotive System Engineering (Ingénierie Système Automobile). It is a method which consists in improving its performances in the design (services, quality costs and time limits) of vehicles increasingly complex.



Suppliers Relation Management​



New Technologies for Information and Communication.



Standard-setting European Organization for the exchanges within the automotive industry.



In the Group, "Platform" covers 2 notions :

  • A physical reality : it is a basis common to several vehicles of the two marques, called "vehicle basis". It is made up of the understructure, the power train, the transmission, the suspension, wheels and steering and other elements not perceived by the customer (air conditioning, seat frames, …)
  • A management concept : it is the organisation gathering, in a same direction, the teams in charge of the projects development and of the commercialised vehicles' serial production.


The PLSA is the Partner Logic Security Administrator of a third party company. He manages the access of the users within his company to the private area of the B2B portal of GROUPE STELLANTIS.


Single access point on the Internet or an intranet, allowing the access of a large number of users to a pack of applications.


Part Per Million.Quality indicator used to appraise the quality of the parts delivered to GROUPE STELLANTIS's plants by its production Suppliers. Quantitative, the PPM measures the faulty part rate.

Product Process Pilot

Person in charge of the detailed definition, of the power-trains development for a vehicle's sub-assembly and of the targets achievement concerning his/her perimeter of action (quality, costs, deadlines, weights, process parameters…).



Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile. Automotive Engineers Society.


Syndicat National du Caoutchouc et des Polymères. Polymers and Rubber National Syndicate.


The SOD 2002 (Schéma Opérationnel de Développement Operational Development Chart) is the framework within which Group’s products are designed, developed and industrialised.
It is the reference framework for global planning and methods used to carry out vehicle or component projects.


Search of new Suppliers.


Legal entity that has a contract with GROUPE STELLANTIS for supplying automobile parts (series and spare) or applications or equipment and maintenance materials by the same legal entity. A supplier of the Group is known under its SUCO and dealt with by the Acquisitions Department.

Suppliers Database

Single reference point for the Suppliers or Partners of GROUPE STELLANTIS.

Synchro flow

Procurement flow for which firm order is sent in a synchronised way when a vehicle passes by the calling point.


​Virtual Platform

Virtual network enabling the Partners of a same project to conceive and develop a product (plane, car…) in real time.



Common Work Areas

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52en-US5I forgot B2B login and/or my password

​One or more people in your company have been designated as access administrators for the B2B Portal; these are the PLSAs.
You should first contact these people if you forget your B2B login and/or password.

If you do not know your PLSA's contact details, you can contact the B2B Portal support team using the form opposite. You will then be sent your PLSA's contact details.

If you have forgotten your B2B login, we will require your COFOR and your e-mail address in order to respond to your request effectively.


22en-US5I forgot B2B login and/or my password

Are you unable to authenticate yourself on the B2B Portal? Have you forgotten your password? On the B2B Portal, homepage, you can use the "password forgotten" link to obtain an immediate, personalised response.


The troubleshooting principle for users on the B2B Portal is as follows:

  • Only PLSAs can have their password reinitialized online, subject to certain conditions (see below)
  • Users must always ask their PLSA to reinitialise their password.
When using the "I forgot my password" link, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address, your B2B login and your COFOR. If this information is valid, the webservice will provide you with information or instructions concerning your situation.
  • If your B2B login has a "PLSA" profile
    • If your B2B login is valid, you will be sent a new password immediately.
    • If your B2B login has another status, you will be given access to a contact form for the B2B Portal assistance.
  • If your B2B login has a "User" profile, the webservice will enable you to get in touch with the relevant contacts:
    • If you do not know the contact details of your PLSAs, a form will enable you to send them an e-mail directly from the B2B Portal,
    • If necessary, you will be given access to the contact form for the B2B Portal assistance.
59en-US5I forgot B2B login and/or my password

​I'am a PSLA : click here

I'am not a PSLA : click here

collapse Category : INTRODUCE YOUR COMPANY ‎(4)

To work with GROUPE STELLANTIS, a company must be referenced in the Suppliers Database, since this allows the company to be recognised by all the GROUPE STELLANTIS information systems, from the initial consultation to the issuing of the order and invoices.

The first stage involves presenting the company. The process is carried out entirely online as follows:

  1. Initialise a file for your company:

    Using the D-U-N-S® Number entered, this stage verifies that a file does not already exist for your company (in this case, it is not necessary to present your company again)
  2. Complete the file:

    The information requested will enable GROUPE STELLANTIS to assess the benefits of including your company among our partners. Some information is mandatory.
  3. Send the file to GROUPE STELLANTIS

    This electronic transfer validates the data you have entered. Only after this stage does your company become eligible for referencing in the future.

The Purchasing Department remains the sole decision-maker concerning the inclusion of suppliers in its panel.


> Download Guide <


The D-U-N-S® Number is mandatory for initialising your company file.

This number is international and specific to each company. At this stage of the process, it acts as a unique identification criterion: if we already have a file containing the same D-U-N-S® Number, a second one cannot be opened.

What to do in this case! Click here


When initialising your company file, you must enter an e-mail address, which will be used as the user name to re-open and complete your file during the company presentation phase.
To ensure the information contained in the Suppliers Database is as up-to-date as possible (and completely unique), a check is carried out on the e-mail address; if the address is already known by the database, it cannot be re-used.
This situation may arise in several cases:

  1. You recently presented a company, but have not yet had a response from the PSA Peugeot Citroën Purchasing Department.
    If you wish to modify an important piece of information, contact the application support service (click on the application's "contact" link to obtain the relevant e-mail address), or the B2B Portal assistance (form available opposite).
    If you wish to present another company, separate from the first, you must simply use a different e-mail address.
  2. You belong to a company that is already referenced and wish to access your file.
    In this case, you must go via the private area on the B2B Portal, using a personal B2B login. If you do not yet have a B2B login, use the "Obtain an access" service.

​To access the training: click here

collapse Category : The authentication window displayed again ‎(1)
20en-US7The authentication window displayed again

​The authentication process checks 2 pieces of information:

  1. Does the B2B login entered correspond to a valid user name in the B2B Portal user directory?
  2. If yes, does the password correspond exactly to the password registered for this B2B login?

If one of the checks returns an error, the security system redisplays the authentication window.

In what situations may this occur?

  • the B2B login entered has been deleted
  • the B2B login entered is suspended
  • the B2B login entered is blocked (this situation is usually due to non-compliance with the procedure for closing the browser following a change of password)
  • the B2B login has been entered incorrectly
  • the password has been entered incorrectly (respecting upper and lower cases is important)

What can you do?

If you do not manage to complete the authentication after several attempts, we recommend reinitialising the password. Use the "password forgotten" link on the Portal HomePage and complete the form: once you have entered and sent the information, a diagnosis of your situation will be displayed at the top of the form, with details about who you should contact.

collapse Category : USING THE B2B PORTAL ‎(3)

​The B2B Portal is organised into coherent sections that can be accessed using the Navigation bar:

  • Welcome to the Portal

The homepage allows you to login, and also to consult the latest news about the GROUPE STELLANTIS Group or the B2B Portal.
  • Present your company

This menu is for companies that do not yet work with GROUPE STELLANTIS but who wish to propose their services. In this section, you will find all the requisite information about the procedure for submitting your company's application to the GROUPE STELLANTIS Purchasing Department and the different stages of the process.
  • Get an access

This menu is for people working for a company that is already referenced by GROUPE STELLANTIS but who do not yet have a personal login to the B2B Portal.
Using your company's COFOR (supplier code), you can find out about your company's status in terms of access to the B2B Portal. If needs be, you can start or continue the procedure for opening your company's access, which is a pre-requisite before allocating personal logins. This menu also allows you to contact your administrator (PLSA), if your company already has an operational access.
  • Information & Documentation

In this section, you can access all public information made available to GROUPE STELLANTIS's partners.
  • Help & contact

Do you have a question about the B2B Portal? Consult this section, or contact the B2B Portal assistance, if you cannot find the information you want.

The B2B Portal team has drafted a support document presenting the portal (Public area).

This concise guide provides information about the features and tools of the Public B2B Portal and will help you quickly find the Menu or information you require.

Follow the guide !

Do not hesitate to consult the detailed help items below. They may well have the answer to your question.


​To access the training: click here


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