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7en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship

  • Groupe STELLANTIS Responsible Purchasing Policy: Click here
  • Follow-up of performance CSR (available soon)
13en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship
  • United Nations Global Compact

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Download the World Pact of the United nations  (Global Compact). STELLANTIS is a participant since 2003 (in continuity of PSA's participation). 

8en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship

​Behaviour principles in exchanges between GROUPE STELLANTIS and its Suppliers :

The GROUPE STELLANTIS products, their characteristics, innovations but also the knowledge of process, programmes, objectives, reached targets, prices, etc... constitute an immaterial wealth which our future depends on.

We have chosen to work in partnership with our Suppliers. This partnership means exchanging information to create value in the framework of what we like to call Extended Enterprise.

An information item is considered as sensitive if its loss can harm the Company. Information must therefore be treated as precious and fragile goods.

We must protect together the information we are sharing, but we must also protect from each other the information we do not have to share.

Confidentiality is dealt with by means that any responsible company has to implement :

  • immaterial : confidentiality contracts, standards, procedures, codes, ...
  • technical : access control, physical protections, ...

But their efficiency widely depends on individual behaviours.

Good behaviour, despite our best will, is not natural. People's attention needs to be permanently aroused to induce danger awareness, constant vigilance, and good reflexes and practices.

We refer to the Companies and their employees' responsibility, so that the message is understood and necessary measures are taken.

With this in mind, a leaflet, has been created which neatly groups together the issues of risks, principles and good practices (French version).

9en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship

70 to 80% of sub-assemblies, parts or components of a vehicle (named Supplies) are developed and manufactured by external Suppliers.

Within this context, the purpose of the Supplier Quality Assurance approach (AQF) is to control the contribution of Suppliers to achieve the quality of vehicles.

Certification according to the ISO/TS 16949 technical specification is a required condition prior to any business relationship with GROUPE STELLANTIS. If not certified, the SUPPLIER must provide with the bid for the SUPPLY being quoted, a defined certification attainment plan to achieve certification of the manufacturing facility before the start of mass production.

Moreover, a new supplier or new supplier manufacturing site requested for quotation shall show evidence of its manufacturing performance by sending its NSA (New Supplier Assessment) result by an accredited provider. Ask the Buyer in charge of the RFQ for more information.

The AQF is described in the document "Suppliers Relation Management" (MRF), referenced DA_AQF07_001_EX (DA_AQF07_001_EX_ EN english version), and for new developments engaged since 2015, in the document Supplier Quality Manual (SQM) referenced 01276_15_00082. Indeed GROUPE STELLANTIS decided to use APQP and PPAP standards to manage developments with its Suppliers.

These documents are accessible to the Suppliers in the private B2B portal. Further information, as the associated trainings, are available in "DOCUMENTATION / QUALITY" part :


10en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship
1en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship
14en-US1STELLANTIS GROUP and Suppliers relationship