Request an access to the B2B Portal for your company

Download the instructions in “Portuguese” language
Only companies referenced by GROUPE STELLANTIS can access the private area on the B2B Portal. To obtain access to the B2B Portal, your company must have:

  • Have read the GDPR - Protection of personal data
  • a COFOR headquarter (supplier code on 10 characters made up of 6 characters, 2 spaces and 2 characters), no opening to the Portal for sites,
  • requested access to the B2B Portal, using the online form
  • accepted (online) the General Terms of Use for the B2B Portal and assigned a Partner Logic and Security Administrator (PLSA)

The service below will provide the appropriate forms according to your company's situation. If your company already has operational access, you can contact your Partner Logic and Security Administrator (PLSA) directly to ask for a personal login.

By entering your company's COFOR (the first 6 characters) and Site Code (the last 2 characters of the COFOR) in the form opposite, you can see which stage your company is at and find out how to move to the next stage, if the process is not complete.

* : The COFOR (the first 6 characters) is mandatory. If the Code Site is not indicated, the analysis will be carried out on the COFOR of the head office of your company.
Please fill in the following information:
COFOR * Site Code
I don't know my company's supplier code
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